Master's student position.

There is an available MSc position under the Rayko Research group.
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I am hiring Master’s students to work in my laboratory. As I have just refurbished the laboratory from the previous professor, you will be getting a brand new workspace. I also inherited an optical laboratory and you will be working with it.

The Student Workspace
The Student Workspace
Ultra-fast optical laboratory
Ultra-fast optical laboratory


MSc students will be paid 10,000 to 15,000 NTD per month as a minimum. However, getting good results will increase your salary

  • Acceptance of first author publications will increase your monthly salary by 500NTD, or more for high quality journals.
  • Actively improving your English will also be rewarded.
  • Contributions to publications of other NSYSU professors will also be rewarded (between 100-300NTD).
  • The NSYSU Physics department pays additional salary for marking undergraduate homeworks (as a teaching assistant) with salary depending on number of homeworks marked.

Research area

You will be working with ultra-fast (100 femtosecond) optical equipment. This will involve setting up optical experiments then analysing the results, thus you will gain a lot of experience programming optical equipment and aligning optics. The data analysis will be done either in Matlab, Julia or Python (no prior experience is required).

Potential Research choices
flowchart TD A[Ultrafast optics] --> B(Photoluminescence spectroscopy) A --> C(Time-resolved \n Terahertz spectroscopy) B--> D[Semiconductor material \n and device characterization] C --> D C --> E[Biomedical applications] B --> F C --> F[Single-pixel imaging] F --> |Terahertz only| E D --> F